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“I’m more agile, I maintain muscle better and my recovery is the best it’s ever been. My energy has greatly improved as well. I’ve gone from 3-4 cups of coffee per day down to just 1.”

Pete Alonso,
MLB First Baseman

"Before working with Elevated Eats, I was usually pretty tired going into games. My mental and physical performance would drop partway through, and I couldn't figure out how to give my body what it needed to power through those last 60 minutes in top shape.

Elevated Eats’ meals keep me powering through an entire game with ease, full effort, and clarity. In addition, they create healthier, more nutrient-dense versions of my favorite meals. If you want to feel energized and properly nourished during your games, hire Elevated Eats!”

Philipp Grubauer,
NHL Goaltender & Stanley Cup Champion

"The food is amazing! I love the fat bombs, steak and any of the tacos. All the food has benefited me greatly off the field and optimized my on-field projection. 

 Plus, investing in better nutrition has helped me in my recovery with a long season and travel. I think all athletes should hire Elevated Eats if they want to take their game to the next level. "

Kellyn Acosta,
USMNT & MLS Midfielder

"As an NFL athlete, I don’t have a lot of extra time to source quality ingredients and prepare meals. I needed an option for healthy meals customized specifically to my own goals. Elevated Eats came highly recommended and without a doubt did not disappoint! The variety and quality are second to none. I highly encourage other athletes to work with Elevated Eats. My favorite meal is the air fried chicken wings - easy to heat up and very delicious!"

Royce Freeman
NFL Running Back

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